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About Puzzlegrass

Puzzlegrass Farm was established in 2020 by first-generation farmers Erin and Madison. 

Kato apples.jpeg

The farm

We are currently growing on approximately 1 acre of land in Naramata, B.C. What was once apples cultivated by one of Naramata's finest orchardist families, has taken on a new life as our vegetable farm. We grow high yielding, high quality vegetables on a small amount of space using sustainable practices.  In this way we are able to develop an intimate knowledge of our farm and its quirks and challenges

The beginning

We officially signed our lease in April 2020. At that time, with no experience growing vegetables, we broke ground and planted just in time to start our CSA program. With a lot of research, hard work and help from some pretty incredible friends, we had a successful first year. In 2021 we more than doubled our production and are continuing to grow in size.


More than just a vegetable farm

We grow approximately  45 different types of vegetables with around 140 different varieties. We also have a small orchard beside our apiary where we care for four bee hives. In 2022 we will be adding over 25 different types of flowers to our farm and taking over the apple orchard on the property.

The future

Each year we are inspired by our farm and take joy in creating something new. From hot sauces to honey the possibilities are as vast as the fields of flowers. Some of it we sell at the Penticton Farmers Market and some of it we keep for ourselves. 



The farmers

Our farm is an extension of our friendship that started in 2015. We each bring a little something to the table and somehow it just works. Bloomin' Lucky!



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