A letter from Erin and Madison



As we write this letter Winter is upon us. The farm is put to bed (under the covers to keep the weeds down) and we are in our homes, slipper clad, declaring most days snow days. We are finally getting a chance to reflect over cups of coffee after our unwavering attention to all things farm this season. With clean mugs and actual hot coffee, not just the forgotten dregs that we used for our desperate caffeine hits all summer. 


We are both feeling so grateful and proud of our first year. Most of the horrible things we imagined might happen, didn’t. The baby fennel we worried was too small was delicious barbequed and sprinkled with sea salt and lemon. The row of carrots we realized was not getting enough water turned out to be the best. While we were running around trying to keep up with all the beans and abandoning massive zucchinis, we managed to show up at our stand each week with an abundance of vegetables. While we fool ourselves into thinking we have a plan the soil laughs silently and the seeds just grow. 


Each week, we looked forward to hearing about the lives and culinary adventures of our membys!  We’ve got some seriously talented home cooks in the Puzzlegrass fam. While we filled up bags, our members cheered us on and truly kept us motivated and inspired every week. Too cool, too lucky. We love this gig.


While our backs are enjoying a reprieve from the Spring and Summer, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t well into planning for 2021. We have so many exciting projects we actually can’t wait to share them with you.


The first project we are so proud to announce is a partnership with the Access Centre in Penticton. This year, instead of offering our CSA members a discounted price, we’re spreading some #NarmataLove. 5% of each share purchased in 2021 will go towards vegetables for families and clients of the Access Centre in the Okanagan. You can find out more about this program by checking out our Community Access Share page.


We are also raising the roof this year! Along with our equipment shed and mini greenhouse we will be doing some serious renovations to create a space for our CSA share pick up. We are so excited to welcome everyone for its grand opening in June! 


Being on the farm really helps us save on our prep time and we appreciate everyone driving out to Naramata to pick up their share. That said, we couldn’t have done Puzzlegrass 2020 without Creek & Gully and Real Things Pizza. Forever friends of the farm, we love those businesses and everyone that works with them. We would like to say that a slice of BBQ chicken pizza, thin crust, with sesame seeds, add green olives and white sauce paired with a glass of 2019 Flora cider is actually a dream. 


Even though we’re back in the spreadsheets, pouring over 2021 seed catalogs, measuring 26 new beds and prepping for raspberry, blackberry, ginger and fruit tree plantings, we can't help but look back at our season with such fond memories. We are overwhelmed with the support from our friends and community members. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2021 and meeting some new faces. We wish everyone a healthy and happy winter.


Until the last bean,

Madison & Erin