The Full Share is a vegetable lover's dream.  Sauteed greens with your eggs in the morning, a side salad with a marinated grilled eggplant sammy for lunch, some carrot hummous for a snack and stir-fry with a side of miso braised green beans for dinner. Get creative, get cookin!


This share consists of all the abundance off our farm. With different kinds of salads and greens, hearty crops, snacks and herbs. This bag is our standard option and is great for young families and couples who want more vegetables in their lives. For our 2020 members, this is the same size share you got last year!


Feel a bit overwhelming? Grab a pal! Of the two shares, we would recommend sharing the Full Share with friends or family.


Full Share - 18 Weeks - $760

  • CSA pick up will be on our farm at 3815 N Naramata Rd

    18 Weeks 

    Early June- Early October


    Around $40 value/week

    Includes 5% to Community Access Share 

    What's with the time slots?

    We've decided to our pickup be at the farm this year. We have limited space for parking and think it's important not to overwhelm the neighborhood. Also, not everyone likes picking up in the evening. If you can't make your time slot we can be flexible but we ask that you pick the time that will suit you for the majority of the season. 

    Going to miss a pick-up?

    In the event that you cannot pick up your share, we ask that you invite a friend or family member to pick up on your behalf. It makes for a pretty sweet gift! 

    Risk Associated 

    Working with nature can be unpredictable - pests, diseases, rains and fires all can contribute to variable yields. Of course we will do everything we can to ensure the best quality share each week but no crop is 100% guaranteed.