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What We Do

Hooray for CSA!

On our farm we grow mainly for our CSA program. Being a part of our CSA guarantees you get a weekly portion of vegetables that are harvested straight from the farm when they are at their best. We offer a weekly share from the beginning of June until October with two share sizes to choose from depending on what suits you. Since the beginning of Puzzlegrass, our CSA has been the heart of our farm. Seeing our members each week has grown into such a wonderful experience for us as farmers. Seeing your joy in what we grow makes all the difference.

Explore Our CSA Options

We offer a CSA program weekly from the beginning of June until October.
If you would like to learn more send us an email at 




Community Supported Agriculture

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Joining a CSA is a commitment by community members to their local farmers. By purchasing a share in the harvest at the beginning of the growing season, CSA members have access to fresh vegetables and the farmer gets capital at the beginning of the year when they need it the most. For us it means that we can continually grow our farm each year in a way we can count on. 

Good for you,
good for farmers,
good for the planet.

Being a part of a CSA is a great way to reduce our environmental footprint by choosing local, pesticide free produce and promoting food security close to home. Now more than ever, working with nature can be unpredictable. Pests, diseases, rains and fires all can contribute to variable yields. By taking on some of the risk as consumers, you ensure your farmer can be successful for years to come.

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How We Give Back

We have partnered with the Penticton Access Centre to bring vegetables throughout the growing season for families experiencing crisis. 5% from the sale of each Puzzlegrass CSA share goes towards a Veggie Access bag of vegetables which is given to the Access Centre to match with their clients. In 2022, we proudly brought 92 bags of produce (each bag a $40 value of vegetables) over 18 weeks to the Access Centre. This achievement was due to the generosity of our CSA and community members who bought and donated bags.

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