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Meet the Farmers

Our farm is an extension of our friendship that started in 2015. We each bring a little something to the table and somehow it just works. Bloomin' Lucky!

Meet Madison

Meet Madison

Madison puts the roots in rootin-tootin fun times at the farm. She is always up for a laugh and a chat. It’s no surprise that all of her buddies come from far and wide to help out at the farm - above all she is a great friend and gives the best advice. But woah, get her talking business and she’s REALLY talking business.

This gal has the entrepreneurial spirit that propels the farm forward. There are times when it really truly seems like a task can’t be done, and something devilish in Madison grins and says oh yes it can. She keeps us organized and on task so we never miss a planting date. She is deeply passionate, courageous and hardworking and is the MAIN ingredient when it comes to tasty vegetables.

Meet Erin

With a HE and a Ho and a HA HA, there is no dream that is too large for Erin to set her sights on. Erin is the strategy, the precision and the efficiency that keep the whole operation moving- it’s no wonder we can continue to expand.


She spends her time on the farm hustling hard and her off-time in the books learning new tricks and techniques. Her love for flowers and her eye for floral arrangements makes a flower proud to be grown at Puzzlegrass Farm. ENDLESSLY fun and always on time, Erin is the wind in our sails. Puzzlegrass would not be shooting for the moon without her!

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